Developers Supporting Old Games

Hey guys, welcome back to my gaming blog! I do like to cover all things computer related, but I will again be talking about video games. I recently found some used games online at and have been trying to play some of the older ones online to mixed results. Some developers have shut down their games servers, making any type of online play impossible. Others have just limited access, meaning that some items/locations/enemies may never be accessible again. Some games have just had certain things limited, such as stores or new releases that would happen on a weekly basis don't happen at all now. Sometimes a strong community can make these games still incredibly fun, but sometimes because of the lack of developer support these games receive after a certain time they become a shell of their former self and quite frankly can be embarrassing. 

Limited access

Some games, such as the popular Madden and FIFA franchises are still playable after new versions are released however they are no longer as easy to get into because certain things are no longer there. I am an avid player of the Madden Ultimate Team mode in which you must buy card packs to get new players for your team. Currently I am playing the version of the game released in 2012, four years ago. When it was first released I was getting free cards every week from EA, new collections were added every week and there were so many more ways to gain cars and coin than there is now. I still play this game, but as it has an in-game economy it has become increasingly difficult for me to play at a competitive level. Currently the majority of players are people who spent a large amount of real world money on their teams and don't want to give up their investments. This means they usually have very high ranking, powerful teams and if you didn't spend a high amount of money as well or spent an insane amount of time grinding you can never compete with these players on a equal field.

madden sequels 

No access

In the worst situation, access to the multiplayer functions of a game are stripped entirely and the servers subsequently shut down. This is a common occurrence in games that have sequels releasing relatively early after each other, meaning the company has to spread its resources out more to keep all servers open. Some companies take as long as possible to shut down servers like Bungie shutting down Halo 2, but more often than not it is done just as quick as the sequels come out like EA is famous for. Sometime this can cause quite a few problems, with games becoming uncompletable with achievements requiring you do fulfil criteria in the shut down portion of the game. I have personally had this happen and it sucks. I am a completionist when it come to playing Xbox Live, currently I am sitting right below 100,000 gamerscore. I would have the 100,000 if EA hadn't discontinued lots of games of their I payed good money, but I don't think anyone will be able to convince EA to put the customer first.


Community Support

Sometimes, after a game has been shut down or lost its sparkle to some player due to changes to draw in new players then a dedicated group of fans will take action. People have set up clones of Doom, Quake, Halo, and even World of Warcraft online that you can be a part of for no cost. These don't include any of the new dangled features of the games, but instead hold the pristine condition that old fans love, or on games that have been shut down they will usually have what is considered the best version. When a company learns about this happening, it can be a very tough decision on what to do next. On one hand, these fans are not paying to play their game but if this version wasn't there they might. So on one hand they could possibly increase the amount of players by getting rid of this new competitor(usually with a cease and desist letter) or let the fans to continue to enjoy the game they love so much. The latter choice always goes over better with fans for obvious reasons but not so much with shareholders.

wow vanilla

Who's side to be on?

As I am a gamer, I am obviously on the side of the gamers on this issue. I have paid good money for games which later get shut down and sometimes within one year, which to me is just not how to run business. I would hope that you guys would agree with me on this, but as always you are entitled to your opinion. And if you're here to read about Ipad magazines then this won't seem like a very important topic anyways.