Best Nintendo Consoles

Hey everyone, welcome back to my computer and electronics blog. I am super excited about the Nintendo Switch, I haven’t managed to get one yet so I am eagerly waiting. Until then thought, I decided to lose myself on the older Nintendo consoles like the Nintendo 64. I went to this awesome used for sale website and found some great classic games and consoles to play. I wish I had all of them right now, but some of the consoles are so rare and sell for so much that I might not ever get them, but fortunately not these ones. I am mainly talking about the more obscure consoles like the virtual boy, but the older consoles and games are getting rarer and rarer each year. That’s why I am happy to have these in my collection.


 N64 games

Nintendo 64

The Nintendo 64 was the first console that got me into gaming. I played it at a friends house when I was about 6, came home and asked my parents for one. I didn’t get a Nintendo 64 thought, and the used one I bought online was the first one. I bought another controller online as well, I found a used crystal one at so that me and my friend can play Super Smash Bros. and I can kick his butt! There was a bunch of games that I just had to get for my used N64, including Goldeneye and Perfect Dark and I might be able to buy those tomorrow so that we can play more old school deathmatches.



When I was a little bit older than my Nintendo 64 days, I had another friend with a Gamecube. We would play this all night whenever we had a sleepover. I bet we beat Timesplitters 2 over a dozen times. The Gamcube also had some really cool accesories, so once I got mine I had to go and get some used accesories from so that I could get the full experience, including the DK congos drums. The Donkey Kong game that uses that drums is so ridiculous, and the drums are so unresponsive but I don’t care.


Purple Gamecube

Nintendo Classic

When the Nintendo Classic randomly showed up in flyers for toy stores, I ran as quick as I could to get it. The console comes preloaded with 30 classic games, including ones that cost more than the Nintendo Classic itself (Mike Tyson’s Punch Out sells for over $150). This thing was an amazing bargain in my mind, and I will try and keep it forever. Now I have been talking about classic Nintendo games too much, I much go and play some. Let me know what you think of my collection, and what I might be able to add for a relatively small cost. Take it easy everyone.

 Nintendo Classic