Greetings and welcome everyone, to my computer and electronics blog. Today I was playing some snake on my old Nokia phone while my HTC charged, and looking at the jump of games was crazy. Today you can play a full length, last generation retail console game on your mobile phone and it plays just as good as it did on the Xbox ten years ago. According to a statists web site, the amount of time that people spend playing games while on their phone has gone up over 450% in the past 7 years, with the average person spending 258 minutes a year playing games on their phone in 2017. If you are going to be spending so much time playing mobile games, you better play something good and something that makes that time worth it.



All you need to be able to do to play Stack is tap your screen. This Tetris like game is quite simple, with the object being to stack as many block as possible. In order to do this, you must tap when the block is lined up with the one below it. If your aim is off then the block chip and becomes a smaller block making it harder to stack onto. You can find this game for free on the iOS and Android marketplace and you can ditch the ads for only $1.99.


Color Switch

This is a game that I play, and again is a very basic game. You tap the ball through the obstacle above you and level up, changing the color of your ball as you go. The simplicity is what makes this game so fun, and so insanely addictive. I have played for so long and my top score is still 5. This game can be downloaded from the iOS and Android store for free as well, with add ons ranging from $2.99-$7.99. Download it and try and beat my score. Seriously.

color switch