Keeping fit with electronics

Keeping fit has never been easier for everyone on a day to day basis now with all the technology out there, For example I have just updated my Samsung Galaxy s5 and it came with a pre-installed app called “step” it calculates how many steps you take in a day whether running or walking and how many calories you burn whilst walking, it is pretty precise to say it is just an app. I have a feeling this is just the beginning with how the world is turning rather fat at the moment with the rise in obesity, we all need to get a little fitter, do a little more day to day. But this is just the bare minimal basics of what electronics can do these days, soon we will be getting a zap from our phones to say we should be up and walking.

Then you have all the gadgets where you can keep track of your pulse and blood pressure these are two very handy things to have at your disposal, especially in the later times in life. Then there is anything from forks that count how many bites you have of something to the watches that you see a lot of people wearing day to day, it is something that is coming into trend. I was very unfit at one point but all it takes is for you to make 1 change at a time in your life and before you know it you are building a newer better you, Sounds like a TV add haha. But whilst here sitting down writing this I could be walking down the street to the local store and writing this, it is easy to sink into a chair, but good things never come easy. 

Health Smartwatch