iPad Magazines 

Hello again folks! How have you all been since we last spoke? Well I hope? Welcome back to my News, Media and Publications blog. I am back with another awesome blog post for you which is going to focus on magazine publishing on the iPad. The iPad is the perfect device for reading digital magazines and publications and I would recommend one to anybody who doesn’t currently own one. You can pick up affordable and cheap bargains on iPads of all varieties over at http://www.easyprices.com/electronics. They have got an awesomely vast range of iPads and other tablets to choose from, you should really check it out if you haven’t already. On another note, I have been away on holiday for a few weeks so I really haven’t been giving the blog the attention that is deserves so I apologise for that. I was visiting family and it was very hard just to get even 30 minutes to myself to get some words down. I am sure you all know how it can be with family. You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. So true. So let us get onto today’s topic of conversation, iPad Magazines. What are they? Who can publish them? Who reads them? All relevant questions that I will endevour to answer in the course of this post. Onwards. 


What is a Newsstand Magazine? 

The Apple Newsstand is a section of iTune/App Store that houses all the digital magazines and publications that are published as an app for reading on iPads and iPhones. Many, if not all, of the magazines that you see on the shelves in your local magazine shop are now also published as apps on the App Store. Of course, the vast majority of these big name magazines have been around for years, are well known and established and owned by big corporate companies. But the reduced costs of digital publishing via the Newsstand (obviously there are no ongoing printing costs) has opened up this market to many small independent publishers of niche topic magazines who would not have been able to get a foothold in the print magazine industry. It really has leveled the playing field. One of my favourite independent digital magazines that is published on the iPad is Light And Landscape Digital Photography Magazine. You should check it out!There are various platforms that you can subscribe to create and publish your magazine. Curating the content is just a case of approaching a handful of experts in your particular niche and asking them if they would be happy to answer a few questions for a Q & A style article. You can also encourage your readers to submit articles also. This reduces costs by negating the need to pay for content to be created and frees up the publisher to concentrate on marketing and promoting the magazine.


Another smart idea is to publish the magazine free of charge. This will encourage more people to read it and see any adverts that you may run inside the mag. You can also offer a free subscription in exchange for an email address, helping to build your email list which is the cornerstone of any online marketing campaign. You can pay a designer to stylize and layout your magazine for you if you like, but it is far more convenient and beneficial to publish using the platform's native text format. This is easy and straightforward to use with no design skills or training required. It is also better for getting the content of your magazine indexed by Apple’s search algorithm, allowing potential readers to easily find your mag and better understand what it is about. You have to sign up for an Apple developer account to publish via the Newsstand and also secure suitable hosting facilities (Amazon S3 is the recommended provider) but these are all just a matter of course and part of the process. If you are passionate about a subject and would like to share that passion with the world through a medium other than a blog, you could do worse than to take a serious look at the potential of digital publishing on the Apple iPad. 



So there is my take on the world of iPad Digital Publishing folks. I hope you are all suitably inspired and raring to get out there and get publishing. It could well be a life changing experience! Anyway, that is all from for now. If you would like some further reading before I post next, you should take a look at this prior blog post about Keeping Fit With Electronics: http://www.engis.co.uk/keeping-fit-with-electronics  Talk soon folks!