Free App’s Everyone Needs on their Apple Iphone

Hey ya’ll welcome back to another post on my computers and home electronics blog. I broke my phone a week ago but luckily found an Apple Iphone from this online classified ads website for really cheap, and to follow my trend of being cheap I haev been only downloading free aps, be it games or other apps. I have some really good ones that have even saved me more money, so I thought I would share my penny scrapper tips with you all. All of these apps are free and work on an Apple Iphone, meaning they can at least work in Iphone mode on a Ipad if they don’t work properly on one. Some of them may have options where you can purchase things through in-app stores, but all are free to download initially. In no particular order-


Apple Iphone 7


‘Waze’ is a GPS system designed to be used while driving. It requires you to make an account, and then give you the option to list any things you see on the road to other ‘Wazers’ in the area. This can be something as small as a pothole, or as big as a hidden police cruiser doing radar. I personally used tis to avoid some speeding tickets this summer when touring around and I cannot sing it’s praises enough. It was even more accurate with my speed than the speedometer in my car, which was really useful except for when my phone froze after being used too much(this was not a good phone).



Another GPS app that has user submitted info, but with a twist. is useable offline. I don’t mean still on 3G but not wifi, I mean no sim card offline. This can be a saving grace when travelling and you have no internet, just download the map or maps for the area you plan to visit before hand and you will have access to the entire user generated database of locations as well as the map itself, and the later editions are capable of monitoring speed and measuring distance.


Google Translate

Google Translate have evolved from the joke of the internet to a masterpiece of it. It is now incredibly accurate, and has hundreds of languages supported and even available offline by downloading the language pack beforehand. If you allow the app access to your camera you can even use it on your surrounding to read signs and other written word from various languages. I used this in Germany to help figure out bus schedules and it worked like a charm, also allowing me to communicate with my non-english speaking host.



Another language app, this time focusing on learning new languages. The people at Duolingo apparently want everyone to be able to speak additional languages for free, and they are trying their very best to make that happen. The app is fantastic, with games and quizzes to make sure learning stay fun but educational. And they do want you to learn for free, there's no payments at all. Currently they offer courses in Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Irish, Swedish and even English!



If you enjoy reading Ipad magazines like I do then you probably like reading books and therefore should get Kindle. Kindle has a book store similar to amazon, but they also have a large selection of free books that will keep a non busy reader busy. Many emerging writer will have their books in this section, and one of them has the be the next Trotsky right? Even if you can’t find any good books for free, Kindle supports importing book files so you can brings any ebooks you have over for a read.



“I really wish I knew what song this was” is a phrase no longer sadi when I am around, as I proudly hold my phone out to record to music and see what song is playing and even where to buy it. I have managed to get many great songs thanks to Shazam, whether it be something you only hear the end of on the radio or something in the background of a store. The database is exponential, and it no longer requires you to be right beside the speakers.


Find my iphone

Find My Iphone

I am the first to admit it, I am terrible with my Iphone. When I lived alone with a big bed and huge blanket for the cold winter I would lose my phone multiple times a night just in that. Never mind the amount of times I have forgot it at a bar, or a friends house, or dropped it down the seat of a car, or just done something stupid as hell. Thankfully I now have Find My Iphone, which allows you to see the GPS location on a map of where your device is and also to remotely lock it. You can even ping the device if it is in signal, making it so you can hear the device walking around  in a field of something else stupid like that. Shit, where is my phone? I got to go guys, have a good week.